What is Yoga, exactly? Is it just an exercise form? Is it a religion, a philosophy, an ideology?

When we say “yoga”, for many of you it probably means some impossible physical postures. Yoga simply means to be in perfect tune. 

The word “Yoga” essentially means, “that which brings you to reality”. Literally, it means “union.” Union means it brings you to the ultimate reality, where individual manifestations of life are surface bubbles in the process of creation.

Right now, a coconut tree and a mango tree have popped up from the same earth. From the same earth, the human body and so many creatures have popped up. It is all the same earth. 

Yoga means to move towards an experiential reality where one knows the ultimate nature of  existence, the way it is made.

"You can use yoga to get rid of your backache or improve your focus and peace of mind – or you can use it as a ladder to the Divine" - Sadhguru

Upcoming Events

Glimpses of Hatha Yoga Session, Munich

Dated : April 23rd' 2023
Venue: The Yoga Garden, Rumfordstraße 4, 
80469 München

Yoga Munich

Yoga For Fitness, Clarity, Stress, Hormonal Balance, Weight loss etc Date: August Month, 2023
Venue: Near Neuparlach Zentrum 
81737 München

Isha hatha Yoga Berlin

Date: July 15th & 16th, 2023 (Sat-Sun)
Yoga For Fitness, Clarity, Stress, Cleansing, Hormonal Imbalance, Wellbeing

Venue: Here & Now
Greifswalder Str. 208, 10405 Berlin

Types of Yoga

These are the only four realities in your life: body, mind, emotion, and energy. Whatever you wish to do with yourself, it must be on these four levels. Whatever you wish to do, you can only do it with your body, your mind, your emotions or your energy.

If you use your emotions and try to reach the ultimate, we call this bhakti yoga. That means the path of devotion.


If you use your intelligence and try to reach the ultimate, we call this gnana yoga. That means the path of intelligence.


If you use your body, or physical action to reach the ultimate, we call this karma yoga. That means the path of action.


If you transform your energies and try to reach the ultimate, we call this kriya yoga. That means internal action.

Beautiful and inspirational words from our

Kamalipa Shah Working on financial services, TCS- offshore

Within just a month of practicing apart from feeling physical lightness and energetic, I could feel that I stayed more alert, focused, and calm while working through my demanding work schedule. The best change - I felt a state of absolute calm with no sign of any nervousness while leading 2 big virtual events in my office, there was a natural flow of words just helping me out to take care of impromptu. Each day the experiences of this Sadhana are different and that is a beautiful part of this. I express my heartfelt immense gratitude to Sadhguru for offering us these Life-changing yoga modules.

Lalit Kyal Businessman, Durgapur - Asansol

Isha upa-yoga & kriya classes allowed me to regain my flexibility & immunity of the body. It's been very helpful practicing all the techniques on my own within my work schedule and otherwise.One of my Favourite practice "Simha Kriya" is a very tranquil experience for my mind, heart & also to boost immunity.

Nea Sharma Interior space Designer & Architect, Siliguri

Namaskaram🙏 It's the best thing added to my daily routine. The only motivation for me is after practicing (Surya Kriya Sadhana) my mind stays calm body feels lighter.

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